How much does it cost to go to Mackinac Island?

Published on December 23rd, 2020

How much does it cost to visit Mackinac Island? Well, that depends. You can stay in the luxurious four-bedroom Masco Cottage at Grand Hotel with a personal chef, fully stocked bar and a private outdoor hot tub for $4,675 a night. Or a discounted rate of $27,400 a week.

On the other hand, you can find a room elsewhere on Mackinac Island for a mid-week stay in spring or fall for under $100 a night.

There’s a variety of ways to experience the charming beauty of Mackinac Island, and at a variety of price points. But to give you a general idea of the kinds of costs you might incur on a trip to Mackinac Island, here’s a rundown:

  • Transportation

    • Mackinac Island is special in that automobiles are prohibited. Most Mackinac Island visitors arrive by ferry boat from the mainland, departing in either Mackinaw City at the northern tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula or St. Ignace at the southern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. You can get a rounSince cars are not allowed on Mackinac Island, horse-drawn carriage rides are a popular way of getting around Mackinac Island.d-trip ferry ticket for under $30 per adult, with cheaper rates for kids and even free boarding for young children and pets.
    • Flying into Mackinac Island is also a great option. It’s a little more expensive, with rates ranging from $35 to $45 for one-way service from St. Ignace, but the 7-minute flight makes for a memorable experience.
    • Whether you take a plane or a ferry boat, the primary ways of getting around Mackinac Island once you arrive are by horse, bicycle and foot. You can take your own bike on the ferry for under $15 or rent a bicycle from one of several vendors on Mackinac Island. Rates are available by the hour (about $10), half-day (about $40), full day (about $60) or for 24 hours (about $75). A popular activity is to bike all the way around the outer rim of Mackinac Island, which takes about an hour-and-a-half at a leisurely pace.

A round-trip ferry ticket to Mackinac Island from Michigan's mainland in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace costs less than $30 for an adult.

  • Places to Stay

    • Since there are no chain hotels on Mackinac Island, each hotel, resort, B&B, condo and cottage offers a unique lMackinac Island has a variety of places to stay including resorts, hotels, B&Bs and more, with lower prices in spring and fall.odging experience. Prices vary based on location and services offered. For example, full-service resorts including Grand Hotel, Island House and Mission Point Resort tend to cost more than hotels because they offer more on-site amenities to enjoy during your stay. View different types of Mackinac Island lodging here.
    • Generally, prices to stay overnight on Mackinac Island are lower in the spring and fall and higher in the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Be aware that some accommodations require a 2-night minimum stay at certain times of the year or on certain days of the week.
    • Mackinac Island lodging packages and deals can save you time and money. In some cases, you may be able to get a discount on ferry tickets, narrated horse-drawn carriage tours and admission to historic Fort Mackinac by booking them as part of a lodging reservation.

Flying into Mackinac Island Airport from St. Ignace on the mainland in Michigan's Upper Peninsula costs $35 to $45 per ticket one way.

    • Mackinac Island is home to Doud’s Market, which is the oldest grocery store in America. You can find all the ingredients you need for a picnic on the water, in Marquette Park or atop Mackinac Island’s highest point at Fort Holmes.

You can rent a bike on Mackinac Island by the hour, half-day, full-day or longer at a cost of about $10 per hour.

    • Visiting Mackinac Island’s historic Fort Mackinac is a memorable experience for all ages. The fort that dates to 1780 features some of the oldest buildings in Michigan and offers an eye-opening look into the past. Admission in 2021 is $13.50 for adults and $8 for kids and includes entry into the Richard & Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum, the Biddle House Mackinac Island Native American Museum and the attractions in Historic Downtown Mackinac.

You can catch a horse-drawn taxi ride on Mackinac Island for $5 to $10 per person, depending on where you want to go.

There’s no one way to enjoy the historic charm and natural beauty of Mackinac Island. Find a place to stay and start planning your own unique itinerary on Mackinac Island.