Mackinac Island has over 1,300 rooms where you can relax, rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Worries dissolve when you visit Mackinac Island. Watches? The passage of time becomes effortless when you stay in Mackinac Island lodging.

Mackinac Island 2015 Visitors GuideIn this beautiful setting, time is what you want it to be. Move at the pace of leisure. Move at the pace of business. You make the call because that’s what is most important when you come to the Island. Spend the time you have here doing exactly what you want, or need, to do.

The Island’s LTE network will always keep you in touch with the real world. That way, you can brag to friends, family, and business colleagues around the globe. Inside each Mackinac Island accommodation, relaxation and business have a respectful and professional relationship, as you’d expect from such a sublime destination.

Inside Mackinac, Visitors GuideThe Island’s highly trained and courteous professionals want to make sure your stay is as comfortable and accommodating as possible. When you step onto our Island, you step into a world of hospitality and courtesy that harkens back to gentler, golden days.

Those days begin when you choose where to stay. Call a Mackinac Island lodging location today. Make a reservation for days of relaxation that fit with your schedule and your needs.

Room Availability Assistance

Contact the individual property or call 800-454-5227.

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